Month: April 2017

Obstacle 5 – lack of a common understanding of advocacy campaigns

This is another classic. With almost all of the advocacy campaigns consultancy work that I have done over the past 10 years or so this issue comes up. I find myself saying I really don’t mind what your definition of

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Obstacle 4 – lack of shared values

This is a sad one. The obstacle here to campaigning comes down to not having shared values. Again as with earlier obstacles, it can help to be explicit about these values and not to base your actions on assumptions. Are

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Obstacle 3 – resources

This is a classic. We would love to campaign, but we need a full-time campaigns post. What rubbish! I say give me an hour a week and we can begin to make things happen. With a clear focus and plan,

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Campaigning Summit Switzerland

  Just back from a weekend in Zurich where I was speaking at the Campaigning Summit Switzerland. What I found quite remarkable about this event was their success in attracting participants from across an array of sectors including both the not

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