My Offer

In addition to running campaigns, over the last decade I have built up extensive experience to support my offer of enabling people to campaign for change around the world. And in doing so, I have been able to build my own approach to campaigning, which has only been strengthened by sharing and testing with people globally.

I relish the opportunity to work with groups to campaign for change. My offer of support is aimed at helping them to:

  • define their campaigning priorities,
  • learn some very practical campaigning tools
  • apply those tools on their campaign,
  • and then provide ongoing support as their campaign develops.

Do please contact me to discuss how I might be able to support your campaigning.

My offer of support for campaigning also consists of: 

  • Online training courses on campaigning to support my book – What is campaigning? , which introduces campaigning and Campaigning for Change , which helps you to build your own campaign – both available on the Udemy training platform