Campaigning book & courses

I’ve published my new book: Campaigning for Change – an Essential Guide to Campaigning around the World available both in paperback and kindle versions.

Based on my experience supporting people around the world, it offers a very simple and practical approach to developing a campaign for change. If you have a burning desire to campaign for change, then this is the book for you!

To complement and support my new book and to help more people to campaign for change, I have also just launched a new online training course on the Udemy platform – Campaigning for ChangeIt follows the same structure as my book and is designed to help you build your campaign with practical exercises in each module.

Recent reviews of my book:

“Jonathan Ellis is one of the voluntary sectors leading campaigners and an experienced trainer and facilitator who has worked in settings across the world. In this short but extremely helpful book he has managed to translate his inspirational style of talking about campaigning onto the page. He lays out the fundamentals of campaigning in an accessible and engaging way. His twelve simple steps are an excellent way of cutting into the ever more complex challenges of campaigning and will help any campaigner achieve clarity and be able to progress their work.
But don’t be fooled by the accessibility of this text into thinking it is just for those with little campaigning experience. There are fundamental insights here that we all need reminding of and examples to learn from. The book’s lessons, gleaned from the UK and international experience, also mean that unusually it has broad applicability whatever type of campaign or whatever the context or country you are working in. Essential reading for all who aspire to change the world.”
Brian Lamb, author of The Good Campaigns Guide
“Anyone who has worked with Jonathan knows that his knowledge of campaigning, and passion for it, is prodigious. Fortunately, he has distilled some of this knowledge into a very readable book which will provide new campaigners with lots of information and advice and more seasoned campaigners with a chance to review their approach and learn from the excellent examples detailed within. Highly recommended to anyone who is serious about changing our world for the better.”
Ray Mitchell, Interim Head of Policy and Campaigns, Independent Age