3 Influencing

Training with the Sheila McKechnie Foundation
Training with the Sheila McKechnie Foundation

When it comes to seeking to influence your target, the person who you think has got the power to make the change you want to see, it is really useful to think about whether you are passing the TEA test.

The TEA test stands for:

  • Touch. You need to be able to touch and stir the soul of your target. But you need to do more than just touch you need to
  • Enthuse your target that change is possible, that there is a solution to your problem. And then having touched and enthused your target, you then want to get that person to
  • Act. To do something to support your campaign

I think the TEA test gives you a great framework when you think about trying to influence someone. You are looking to touch them, to then move them on to enthuse them, but really you then focus on getting them to act. Touch, enthuse and act – the TEA test.

It is a great idea to look at campaigns already out there and see whether they pass the TEA test for you. I am always interested when I come across a campaign that touches me, that enthuses me and then gets me to act.

Rad about how to gain momentum for your campaign ….