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And secondly, I am fascinated as to the best way to stimulate campaigning around the world. How do you move from a central global plan to real practical campaigning activities in different countries?

For me I am utterly convinced that the critical building block in stimulating global campaigning activity is to ensure in the regions, and in some cases sub-regions, of the world that there are enthusiastic campaign champions who will develop campaign activity in their country to act as beacons for the rest of their region.

I have seen too many attempts from the centre to run campaign training as the key catalyst to spur on such activity. While such training is important, you so need a champion in the workshop from that region, who is already making a go of campaigning in their own national context. If I was looking to develop a truly global campaign, my starting point would be to identify those regional or sub-regional champions across the world. I would then look to support them and to help them kick-start campaigning in their country. Once some momentum was established, working in partnership with them, I would seek to run some form of campaign training workshop. While I may look to supply the campaigning theory and framework, the practical examples would come from the region itself.

I think a combination of clear and simple campaigning tools combined with practical examples (both success and failure) from the target region can be just so powerful. And then having run this workshop, the ongoing campaign support and inspiration needs to come not just from the central campaigns lead but from the regional champion. And these regional campaign champions themselves can form a powerful support network.

Over the years I have slowly come to realise that genuine enthusiasm in campaigning is just such an important ingredient for a successful campaign – never take it for granted. And if you are really looking to run an authentic global campaign, with authentic national expressions, then cherishing and nurturing this enthusiasm around the world is vital.


So in conclusion: I think that global campaigns need a common framework but they need to cherish diversity of expression within that framework, and they need to cherish and nurture enthusiasm around the world.

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