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Training in Switzerland
Training in Switzerland

A key technique that will help you define your problem and your solution is the elevator pitch. This is quite simply thinking about stepping into a lift or elevator, and the one person, maybe it’s a politician, who you have been waiting months to see, steps into the lift or elevator with you.

How do you then use the next 15 to 30 seconds? How can you distil the basics of your campaign into a problem and a solution? And what might your ask be that person?

Your elevator pitch might focus initially on your introduction before moving on to a crisp definition of the problem that you are facing, you would then move onto the solution that you think will address that problem, and you might make an ask such as whether you could meet that person at a later date.

It all sounds simple but actually it’s really difficult to condense your campaign message to those 15 to 30 seconds. It is something that really needs a lot of practice to get right. But when you have got it right, the elevator pitch becomes the basic fundamental building block of your campaign.

You are always ready for when you step into a lift or when you do a media interview, or when you meet a politician, or when you’re talking to a potential ally – you always have got your immediate starting message ready to roll.

Without a readily prepared elevator pitch you will really struggle to get going when the opportunity presents itself to you. It’s well worth the investment to practice your elevator pitch just so that you are ready.

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