2020 visitors

I’ve just had the report through for my 2020 visitors to this site. Over the past 12 months there were over 1,000 visitors from 88 countries!

While maybe not too surprisingly over half of these visitors came from the UK, I was really pleased to see Bulgaria in the top 4 of countries. I’ve done a lot of work in the past in Bulgaria supporting Roma communities, so it was great to see their nation so high up in this report.

The other key indicator I think is how long people stay on the site. Each visitor spend on average 2 minutes on this site. And in addition to checking out my biography, the most popular page was how to use a theory of change for campaigning.

Anyway, thanks to all my 2020 visitors, and I look forward to you returning and many more this year. This year, I am hoping that my new page on my approach to campaigning might be one of the top pages. What do you think?

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