A campaigning catalyst

I am now entering my fourth year of working independently to help charities and NGOs to campaign for change around the world. One thing though that has challenged me during this time is what to call myself.

The conventional description for the way that I am working is a consultant. Yet I have always somewhat resisted describing myself in this way.

For me, I have always taken a great pride on both campaigning as well as helping others to campaign. So I describe myself as a campaigner.

I am also a teacher, qualified to teach in secondary and higher education. And I spend a lot of my time teaching people a simple and practical approach to campaigning. So I also describe myself as a teacher.

But in my independent work, I don’t just campaign and teach, I also seek to help people to move forward with their campaigns and to overcome obstacles. So I have increasingly also described myself as a campaigning catalyst.

I love the concept of a human catalyst. A person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic. Do you think that this term campaigning catalyst works?

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