Burning desire to campaign

I’ve just finished two assignments in Bulgaria and Thailand. Both workshops worked really well and whilst they were focussed on totally different issues, I think that their common element was that the participants all had a burning desire to campaign for change.

I’ve been running advocacy campaign training around the world over the past decade and a key consistent message from me has been the importance of having a burning desire to see change. And I see that at play now in my work for NGOs around the world. Where there is a real desire to tackle a problem and promote a solution, I find that my work takes off and people respond really well to my approach to campaigning. But when there is not that desire – maybe people have been told that they need to campaign – it just never seems to work!

And a tell take sign is when it comes to issue selection. People ready to campaign have no problem listing their concerns; their challenge is often selecting one issue to focus on for their campaigning. When people struggle to list their problems, they are clearly not ready, or even need, to campaign.

If you’ve got that burning desire for change – then you are ready to campaign. And I hope you find the resources on my website help you to get going!

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