Great leadership course

I recently came across great a leadership course. It’s run by the Open University’s Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership.

I must confess that I started out on this course with a large dose of scepticism. I have done leadership courses before and very often they struggle to move on from the general and the banal!

But Collaborative Leadership in Voluntary Organisations was very different. Ok, so the title maybe doesn’t do too much by way of inspiration, but just wait until you get going on it.

I relished how it was packed full of really useful concepts. In particular I valued the focus on the importance of good conflict. I try to take this approach when I am building a theory of change. And it is full of real life and topical case studies.

The best bit for me without question was ‘Ellen’s story’, which runs through the course. It is basically an audio diary of a new chief executive, and the issues and challenges she faces stepping up into a leadership role. I wished I could have listed to that when I was starting my first leadership role.

There is also an accompanying course – Developing Leadership Practice in Voluntary Organisations – which is also well worth a look. In particular I thought that the chapter on narcissistic leaders was courageous and important for all of us working in this sector.

So if you are looking for some professional development, I recommend these great leadership courses. And they have the added bonus of being free!

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