Importance of story telling

Last week I was invited to attend a workshop at the Sheila McKechnie Foundation as part of their new social change project. What was really interesting about this meeting was the wide array of people that they had invited to this workshop.

Yet there was thing that united all of us at this meeting – we all had a story we wanted to tell about a project or campaign that we had been involved to push for change. It was remarkable when we got talking and sharing to be able to pick up so many lessons taken from all of this work. It showed me yet again that there is such a strong link between campaigners and stories. But these people were not just story telling – they had all played a major and active role in making the story.

I wish this new SMK project all the best – anything that shares ideas, success, failure and general learning about campaigning can only be a good thing to inspire even more campaigning in future!

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