New Book on Public Speaking

Well, it’s been another labour of love but my new book on public speaking has just been published!

Speaking with Impact: an Essential Guide to Public Speaking is based on over 30 years of me giving talks and speeches in public. This book offers a practical guide to speaking with impact in public. While some people may be born with an innate skill in public speaking, my experience has shown that people can learn practical tools and, with practice, can become effective public speakers.

This book sets out a practical step-by-step approach to delivering a speech in public. From design and preparation, to just before you go on, to actually delivering the speech with or without notes. Each chapter sets out the theory based on Jonathan’s practical experience, and this theory is then applied to the development of a short speech. There is an exercise at the end of each chapter to use the new learning on the development of your own speech.

So, by the time you have finished the book, in addition to learning some practical tips, you will have seen them put into action, and you will already have begun to use them to build your own speech. This book will help you to speak with impact in public. And I really hope that it helps people to do so!

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