Speaking with impact

Over the past month I have been running a series of workshops for small charities supporting refugees and migrants to help their volunteers and staff develop their confidence to speak with impact in public.

I do think that the ability to speak with impact in public is so vital for any campaigner. Yes you do need other skills too, but at the end of the day the ability to be able to speak with passion on your issue in public – ideally with little or nothing by way of notes – is just so important.

I have constructed a very simple step by step approach, very similar to my approach to campaigning, to help people develop their public speaking skills. While some may be born with an instinctive ability, I have long maintained that it is a skill that can be taught and which then needs to be practiced.

And my experience running these workshops for diverse audiences gives me even greater confidence that you can support people with this skill. I am now considering the best way to share this approach to help more people speak with impact in public. Watch this space ….

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