2022 – what a year!

After a very busy end to the year, I have just had the chance to review 2022 – and once again I have been amazed at the opportunities that I have had to support campaigning around the world.

To give some sense of my work over the last 12 months, I have…

• supported pan European campaigns on Early Childhood Development and the Child Guarantee for Eurochild.
• provided country level advocacy support across the African continent for Concern.
• provided support to Shpresa Programme on their new leadership course for migrant communities
• provided advice and support to the development of advocacy campaigns in politically challenging contexts for Roma communities across Bulgaria via the Trust for Social Achievement and for Alliance 2015 in Ethiopia.
• reached new audiences to teach about campaigning such as people about to leave the military looking for new careers via NCVO and social workers via Frontline.
• provided strategic guidance to the Refugee Council in the UK on both their advocacy work and their support for refugee community organisations, and to UNHCR on their global thinking on responding to forced migration due to climate change
• helped to build capacity for advocacy campaigns for Open Society Foundations in Georgia and for UNESCO in Kazakhstan
• ran a global ‘train the trainers’ advocacy webinar series for the IFRC
• reviewed funding applications for campaigning around Europe for the Oak Foundation
• and I continue to be proud to be the project director of Detention Forum, a growing network of over 50 NGOs working together to challenge the use of immigration detention in the UK.

Massive thanks to all the amazing people I have worked with over the past year. And now onto 2023!!

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