Campaigning is a global language

Over the last few days I have run a couple of webinars which have shown me, if I needed showing, that campaigning is a global language.

The webinars were held with colleagues in Tajikistan and Ukraine. Both sessions were follow up sessions to earlier training sessions on campaigning. This time we were meeting up to discuss their advocacy thoughts and questions.

Clearly both webinars needed translation, and we were supported on both occasions by good and patient translators. And I started each session thinking that they probably wouldn’t last very long at all.

How surprised was I? Both sessions ran for the full two hours, and the questions from both countries were profound and challenging. They had obviously been giving a lot of thought to their campaigning plans.

As I was asked questions, I sought to draw upon my work around the world supporting people to campaign. And even with the translation, I was energised to see how these answers seemed to help people and also to stimulate more discussion. There are no right ideas in campaigning, and it is so important to discuss and share ideas. And campaigning truly is a global language!

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