Certificate in Campaigning

Since 2007, I have had the good fortune to be asked to run a session on the Certificate in Campaigning. This superb course, now on its 20th intake, is run by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). It aims to offer campaign training for people working in the voluntary sector.

What always astounds me about this course is the way in which NCVO is able to recruit such a diverse group of people. In addition to people from the large household-name charities, they also attract people from very small charities across the UK, as well as people interested in getting more involved in campaigning.

Yet what unites them is a common desire to campaign for change. In each session I have done a presentation, which I have updated each time on my campaigning efforts to change the support for asylum seekers in the UK. Starting back in 2000 with my work with Oxfam, through my work for Refugee Council and Red Cross. And now my effort around destitution.

What brings the session to life are the questions from the group. They are always interesting and challenging. Once again this time, the issue of being able to combine both professionalism and passion came up.

I know that I have written before about the need to retain your passion in campaigning. So it was so heartening to hear these campaigners talk about the importance of passion.

If this group from the Certificate in Campaigning represents the future for campaigning in the UK, then it is looking bright!

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