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Passion and campaigning

I’ve written a lot recently about the importance of passion in campaigning. And passion for a cause has been much on mind recently having just joined the trustee board of Voice of Domestic Workers. If you don’t know about this

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A passionate Migrant Voice

I’ve recently done a bit of work with Migrant Voice. If you don’t know them, they are well worthy of a look – and as the name suggests they are all about giving a voice to migrants. They were contacted

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Passionate and professional

In the last few talks that I’ve given on campaigning in the UK voluntary sector, one theme has kept recurring – the need for passionate leadership. Now you may think that this is a statement of the obvious, but sometimes

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Passion and competence

Last week I ran a session for NCVO’s Certificate in Campaigning. I have been doing such a session since the certificate first started in 2007. If you don’t know about this course it is well worth a look – I

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