Passion and campaigning

I’ve written a lot recently about the importance of passion in campaigning. And passion for a cause has been much on mind recently having just joined the trustee board of Voice of Domestic Workers.

If you don’t know about this charity they are well worth a look. They were set-up and are now run by people who are also migrant domestic workers. Their drive to serve their colleagues is just so inspiring. I did some voluntary work with them earlier in the year and was just just completely taken by them. Their authenticity and desire for policy change to improve the lives of migrant domestic workers is just so powerful.

And there are no anguished discussions about what their campaigning priorities should be. They know the issues faced by their community and they have no doubt about the change that they want to see!

And they have met a few MPs recently and not surprisingly their strong message supported by compelling evidence has been very well received. My feeling is that you can teach campaigning skills but you can’t teach passion! And Voice of Domestic Workers are full of passion – I am really looking forward to doing more work with them.

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