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End Destitution Campaign

No-one living in the UK should be destitute. By destitute I mean having no job, no income, no benefits, no home, nothing. In the sixth largest economy in the world, no-one should be destitute. And if people are destitute, then

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A hunger for campaigning

Last month I ran a workshop in Colombo for some community groups working to promote the rights of migrant workers both leaving and returning to Sri Lanka. What was starkly noticeable for me was their hunger for knowledge and practical

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A new blog ….

A New Year comes and I am trying out a new blog. I am fascinated at how many cases of injustice I come across in my work and how so often there is little or no change happening. My new

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Campaigning Summit Switzerland

  Just back from a weekend in Zurich where I was speaking at the Campaigning Summit Switzerland. What IĀ found quite remarkable about this event was their success in attracting participants from across an array of sectors including both the not

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Academics and campaigners

Recently I had the good fortune to be asked to be involved in the assessment for ESRC grant funding for their forced displacement research programme. I did start this assessment with, I must confess, the view that the majority of

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