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More hope on destitution

Last month I attended a meeting hosted by Women for Refugee Women and NACCOM to explore the possibility of a new campaign to end destitution. I wasn’t too sure how I felt as I travelled to the meeting. While I

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Hope on destitution

My last two blog posts have been about destitution, and whilst being a bleak issue, they have made the case for a new national campaign to end destitution. But don’t please get the idea that I think nothing is happening

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So what is destitution?

Since writing my last blog post, a number of people have asked me: what is destitution? It is a strange almost Victorian term, but I take it to mean a human being who has no income, no home, nothing. In

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End Destitution Campaign

No-one living in the UK should be destitute. By destitute I mean having no job, no income, no benefits, no home, nothing. In the sixth largest economy in the world, no-one should be destitute. And if people are destitute, then

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