6 What does good look like? Key activities continued

And here are some more key areas of activity to help you build momentum for your campaign….

  • Public speaking: you accept every offer to speak in public on your issue. You see every external opportunity as a chance to enthuse more people and get them taking action to build more momentum. While you embrace an on-line presence, you also relish the ability to meet people directly. You are prepared to travel and show your support for people around the country who are using their time in support of the campaign. But you also show your readiness to engage with people who are less supportive and welcome the challenge to your campaign, which you see will only strengthen your campaign messaging.
  • Politicians: you take every opportunity to engage with politicians of all parties on your issue at what ever level your campaign is focused on. You place a high priority on such encounters, but always ensure that you do your homework first so that you understand where they may be coming from, and endeavour to make your pitch in the most engaging way for them whilst staying true to your campaign message.
  • Campaign target: you seek to engage directly and indirectly with the target of your campaign to ensure they are aware of your issue and to understand their position on your issue.
  • People with lived experience of your issue:and I have left the most important element until last. All of these activities are great but if you can be working to give people with a lived experience the opportunity themselves to engage authentically in these activities that is the highest point of campaigning.

So what does all of this mean for campaigning?

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