Hope on destitution

My last two blog posts have been about destitution, and whilst being a bleak issue, they have made the case for a new national campaign to end destitution.

But don’t please get the idea that I think nothing is happening to tackle this issue. There is the great organisation, NACCOM, which is a membership organisation of front line groups across the country directly tackling destitution. 

And one of its members, the Hope Projects in Birmingham, has particularly inspired me over the years. I look to support its work when I can. They focus on destitution and look to support people where they think that they can work with them to break them out of destitution. So they offer such people accommodation and access to a special destitution fund. But also and crucially they offer them legal support to identify possible ways to address their immigration status so that they can support themselves. 

I just love their practical approach and how they refuse to ignore people, who have been cast aside by the Home Office, and work with them to help give them hope.

There are amazing groups around the country such as Hope, who are indeed giving hope to people who have found themselves plunged into destitution. What is exciting now is to see the energy from these groups and from the very people who are and have been experiencing destitution to campaign for an end to destitution in this wealthy country. I feel full of hope that the time is right to push such a national campaign!

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