More hope on destitution

Last month I attended a meeting hosted by Women for Refugee Women and NACCOM to explore the possibility of a new campaign to end destitution.

I wasn’t too sure how I felt as I travelled to the meeting. While I was optimistic and hopeful, I was also slightly wary having been to some of these meetings in the past, where organisations have sought to promote themselves as opposed to the campaign.

But it was my feelings of optimism and hope which were right thankfully! I was struck by the energy in the room. There was also a real sense of common purpose that by working together we could campaign to end destitution.

Reflecting afterwards I tried to think why the meeting had been so positive and not reverted to some of the less positive meetings I have attended in the past. I think for me there was one key reason. Most of the people in the room either had lived experience of destitution or were working on the front line dealing with the impact of destitution. This reality seemed to give the meeting such focus and urgency.

Whatever happens next, if this energy, focus and urgency can be sustained then we are looking at a very exciting campaigning initiative. And it gives me hope!

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