Obstacle 3 – resources

This is a classic. We would love to campaign, but we need a full-time campaigns post. What rubbish! I say give me an hour a week and we can begin to make things happen. With a clear focus and plan, you can achieve so much with so little – if you have the will.

But time and time again this excuse is given as the reason not to campaign. Particularly for a small organisation, having a full time post for advocacy campaigns is a luxury that they will ill be able to afford. Yet is there an existing member of staff to whom a few hours might be offered each week to begin to develop an advocacy campaign? With the right training (maybe even reading this website!) and some form of external coaching, you might be amazed at what can be delivered in just a few focused hours each week.

In my work for both the Refugee Council and Red Cross I came across talented front line operational staff, who with a bit of support, encouragement and permission could begin to get an advocacy campaign issue moving.

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