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A passionate Migrant Voice

I’ve recently done a bit of work with Migrant Voice. If you don’t know them, they are well worthy of a look – and as the name suggests they are all about giving a voice to migrants. They were contacted

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A hunger for campaigning

Last month I ran a workshop in Colombo for some community groups working to promote the rights of migrant workers both leaving and returning to Sri Lanka. What was starkly noticeable for me was their hunger for knowledge and practical

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Passionate and professional

In the last few talks that I’ve given on campaigning in the UK voluntary sector, one theme has kept recurring – the need for passionate leadership. Now you may think that this is a statement of the obvious, but sometimes

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A new blog ….

A New Year comes and I am trying out a new blog. I am fascinated at how many cases of injustice I come across in my work and how so often there is little or no change happening. My new

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Can we agree that ….?

I recently ran an advocacy workshop in Pakistan. Having identified our priority issue, we then set about developing our message and working on the opposition messages on our issue. In two groups, we then began to develop a theory of

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10 What does good look like? Next steps …

A key challenge in the voluntary sector, where our mission is all about change and where campaigning is so vital to this mission, is how do we, in traditional organisational structures, allow this enabling environment for campaigning? One key answer

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9 What does good look like? Theory of change

And there is one missing ingredient here – your theory of change. I remember doing a workshop in Sofia recently, and I did a session on the importance of having a theory of change. Later that day I was talking

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8 What does good look like? In conclusion continued…

For me that is what campaigning is all about – that is what good looks like. It is not just about having a plan or providing regular updates. It is a living, breathing series of connected activities in the outside

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7 What does good look like? In conclusion

So in conclusion: you have your foundation of a clear message with compelling evidence for your campaign. You are then totally focussed on building support both internally and externally for your issue. You take every opportunity to: engage with your

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6 What does good look like? Key activities continued

And here are some more key areas of activity to help you build momentum for your campaign…. Public speaking: you accept every offer to speak in public on your issue. You see every external opportunity as a chance to enthuse

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