9 What does good look like? Theory of change

And there is one missing ingredient here – your theory of change. I remember doing a workshop in Sofia recently, and I did a session on the importance of having a theory of change. Later that day I was talking to a workshop participant; she told me that her heart had sunk when she heard me begin talking about a theory of change. She told me that she had heard so much useless information on this subject that she had rejected this concept as having any use to campaigners.

But she then kindly said that my simple approach to theory of change in campaigning had made her think again. Basically your theory of change is your compelling story of how you see change happening on your issue. I think the key ingredients for a successful campaign are a combination of a clear message (problem + solution) together with your theory of change (or your compelling story for the future development of your campaign). For more information check out the momentum page on this website.

I relish meeting a campaigner who has both a clear message for their campaign and a robust story of how this change is going to come about – these are essential elements for any good campaign.

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